Merry Christmas

Late Merry Christmas wish from me to everyone of you

Last few just too busy with working

Absolutely lack of rest and sleep

Merry Christmas!!!

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19 people needed to break 500 people barrier in my group

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200 000 members

Yeah, congratulation

Last month Email Cash Pro reached 200 000 members

Hope my group number will continue increase as well...=)


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Tip to get more mail from Email Cash Pro #1

The number of email received from Email Cash Pro is important..

Because the number of email received are directly affect our earning
So, today I would like to share a tip on how to get more email

When we are registering an account in Email Cash Pro, we are required to select category of email we would like to receive base on our interest.

To maximize the potential of receive email, we should select maximum 15 category of interest.

Haven't sign up? Don't miss the golden opportunity..

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How does Email Cash Pro mail look like?

For new member or non-member, today I will show you all how does the email sent by Email Cash Pro look like:

1) This is my hotmail inbox. (*click the image to enlarge it*)

2) This is the email content look like. To earn the credit, you need to click the link under the "Paid Link". (*click the image to enlarge it*)

3) After your clicked the link, you will redirect to the ads. Wait for 30 seconds to earn a point. (*click the image to enlarge it*)

4) The upper frame of the ads will inform you when you exceed 30 second and earned a point. (*click the image to enlarge it*)

A simple step to follow after join Email Cash Pro

Most of the people doesn't know what to do after join Email Cash Pro. Most of the people just hope the sky will drop free money. Of course, this is absolutely imposible.

After you join Email Cash Pro, the first target is become Gold Member. Why? As a Gold member , you can enjoy 2 main benefit: a 5$ bonus and extra fifth level referral. Furthermore, your referral will refer to other people and try to become Gold Member as well. Consequently, your group will grow and expand. Your group size is directly proportional to your income.

To become a Gold Member, you must have at least 20 level 1 referrals. 20 level 1 referral sound like a lot and you have no idea who to find? Father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, aunty, friends, colleague and etc is the easiest referral we could get. As long as they have email, you can ask them to join and support you.

By follow this simple step, you could easily become Gold Member.

Wish you all the best in advance.

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Happy Mooncake Festival


Happy Mooncake Festival

How the Referral System Work?

Getting referral in Email Cash Pro is not a must, BUT if you want to boost or skyrocket your income, you should start to work hard in referring this program to your friend. Why?

Now let see the power of REFERRAL:
A company want to shift 20 chairs from a place to another place, and the company offer the worker 2 type of payment:

- First payment: RM10 for each chair you shift
- Second payment: RM 1 for first chair you shift. The following chair will be the double of the previous chair.

Which one you choose?

-First payment: RM10 x 20 = RM200
-Second payment: RM1+RM2+RM4+RM8+RM16+.....+RM524288= RM1 048 575 !!!

See the power of referral?

First, let see how the referral system work:

Now let assume:
- In the first month, you refer/introduce this program to your family member or your friend
- Then 4 people join the program through your own referral link
- Then each of your referral also refer 4 people under them

- 4 people under you, you got 4 level 1 referral
- Each of your level 1 referral refer to another 4 people, 4x4=16 people for level 2 referral
- Each of your level 2 referral refer to another 4 people, 16x4=64 people for level 3 referral
- Each of your level 3 referral refer to another 4 people, 64x4=256 people for level 4 referral

-let said the point conversion for that month is 0.0060$ (0.6 sen) per point.

414x0.0060$= 2.484$

With 4 referrals/downline only, you could earn 2.484$ by just read the mail and refer to your friend.

When you have 20 Level 1 referral/downline, you will automatically upgrade to Gold Member, which you will have 5$ bonus and extra Level 5 referral which you can earn 5% of their points. Remember the power of referral. Now, imagine you have 20 Level 1 referral/downline and an extra level 5 referral 5% bonus. Your group will become very huge. At that time, you just care about how much the point conversion for this month.

Many people try to refer this program to their family and friend. Yes, at the beginning, they might get few referral easily from family member and close friend. But they fail when they want to go further.

Don't give up. Use the available source you have: blog, email, forum, email signature and etc to promote your referral link.

Achieve and cash out your first payment and SHOW the people who skeptical about this program and tell them LOUD and PROUD : I get paid for read mail only.

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How Email Cash Pro work?

How this wonderful money tree work:
1. FREE to sign up now as member.
( )

2. Earn 1 point for each mail you read. Each month you will receive around 10 emails.

3. Explode your earning by refer this program to your family, friend, colleague:
i) level 1 referral - receive 50% of their points
ii) level 2 referral - receive 20% of their points
iii) level 3 referral - receive 15% of their points
iv) level 4 referral - receive 10% of their points

4. At the beginning of the month, your accumulated points will be convert to 0.55-0.80 sen per point. (money converted will be in Singapore Dollar)

5. You can cash out your payment (two option):
i) Check- For Singapore and Malaysia member only. Minimum money: 11$. Malaysia member can have their check in Ringgit Malaysia too.
ii) Paypal- Global. Minimum money: 10$

6. You will automatically upgrade to Gold Member once you have 20 level 1 referral and the benefit of Gold Member:
i) 5$ bonus just for you!!
ii) An additional level 5 referral - receive 5% of their points

7. Continue read the email and refer to your friends, and first check will mail to your house.

Is true, this money tree, Email Cash Pro is not a scam and it really paid us.

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Is a SCAM?

After read my first post, I am sure most of people will start asking: true or not, free to sign up, they paid me to read email, no free lunch in this world..well, of course, initially I am one of them.

But I decided to give it a try and if Email Cash Pro didn't paid me, then I just tell everybody Email Cash Pro is a scam and close our account. I lose nothing.

Email Cash Pro is registered under Easttech PTE LTD, 48, Toh Guan Road East #09-145, Singapore. The founder of Email Cash Pro is Kenneth Koh.

But I can tell: Email Cash Pro is not a scam. Why?

First, I already got my payment and I can tell everybody my job is read email only. Below is my Email Cash Pro payment proof:

Second, Email Cash Pro was featured in the sunday times, 22 April 2007:
(source: Email Cash Pro)

Third, this is the testimonial in the Email Cash Pro monthly newsletter:
-September 2009
(source: Email Cash Pro)

-August 2009
(source: Email Cash Pro)

Every month, members will leave a testimonial about they getting paid by either check or paypal in the monthly newsletter.

Selamat Hari Raya!!

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Email Cash Pro

One day, my friend give me a packet of seed. My friend told me it was money tree seed. Initially I was like other people, resistant, skeptical and question about this money tree see because there are no FREE lunch in this world.

However, at the end, I give it a try and plant this money tree seed. Everyday I water this money tree seed. And I share this money tree seed with my family members and my friends.

Of course, many people are almost the same: skeptical, resistant, doesn't believe about this money tree. I did not blame them. And I continue my effort in the planting process: water, sharing and patiently wait.

Several months past. My money tree grow until certain height already. I am very happy because all the effort I put in are paying me right now. I plucked my first money from the money tree


This is the mail contain my check which delivered from Singapore to my HOUSE. I stay in Malaysia...

So, all the while the money tree I talking is Email Cash Pro..

Email Cash Pro is the First Get Paid to Read Mail program in Singapore and LARGEST in Asia with more than 180 000 members (until 19th September 2009). The number of member is still continue grow.

I did not paid anything to join this program. It is 100% free to join. My job is to read the email sent by Email Cash Pro and Email Cash Pro will share 40% of their profit with their members based on the point system.

Sign Up Now, Give it A try, You lose nothing