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One day, my friend give me a packet of seed. My friend told me it was money tree seed. Initially I was like other people, resistant, skeptical and question about this money tree see because there are no FREE lunch in this world.

However, at the end, I give it a try and plant this money tree seed. Everyday I water this money tree seed. And I share this money tree seed with my family members and my friends.

Of course, many people are almost the same: skeptical, resistant, doesn't believe about this money tree. I did not blame them. And I continue my effort in the planting process: water, sharing and patiently wait.

Several months past. My money tree grow until certain height already. I am very happy because all the effort I put in are paying me right now. I plucked my first money from the money tree


This is the mail contain my check which delivered from Singapore to my HOUSE. I stay in Malaysia...

So, all the while the money tree I talking is Email Cash Pro..

Email Cash Pro is the First Get Paid to Read Mail program in Singapore and LARGEST in Asia with more than 180 000 members (until 19th September 2009). The number of member is still continue grow.

I did not paid anything to join this program. It is 100% free to join. My job is to read the email sent by Email Cash Pro and Email Cash Pro will share 40% of their profit with their members based on the point system.

Sign Up Now, Give it A try, You lose nothing

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  1. wau! I'm shock! tq for the great info! if anyting i wanted to ask. i no who to find... lol