How Email Cash Pro work?

How this wonderful money tree work:
1. FREE to sign up now as member.
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2. Earn 1 point for each mail you read. Each month you will receive around 10 emails.

3. Explode your earning by refer this program to your family, friend, colleague:
i) level 1 referral - receive 50% of their points
ii) level 2 referral - receive 20% of their points
iii) level 3 referral - receive 15% of their points
iv) level 4 referral - receive 10% of their points

4. At the beginning of the month, your accumulated points will be convert to 0.55-0.80 sen per point. (money converted will be in Singapore Dollar)

5. You can cash out your payment (two option):
i) Check- For Singapore and Malaysia member only. Minimum money: 11$. Malaysia member can have their check in Ringgit Malaysia too.
ii) Paypal- Global. Minimum money: 10$

6. You will automatically upgrade to Gold Member once you have 20 level 1 referral and the benefit of Gold Member:
i) 5$ bonus just for you!!
ii) An additional level 5 referral - receive 5% of their points

7. Continue read the email and refer to your friends, and first check will mail to your house.

Is true, this money tree, Email Cash Pro is not a scam and it really paid us.

Sign Up Now, Give it A try, You lose nothing

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