How the Referral System Work?

Getting referral in Email Cash Pro is not a must, BUT if you want to boost or skyrocket your income, you should start to work hard in referring this program to your friend. Why?

Now let see the power of REFERRAL:
A company want to shift 20 chairs from a place to another place, and the company offer the worker 2 type of payment:

- First payment: RM10 for each chair you shift
- Second payment: RM 1 for first chair you shift. The following chair will be the double of the previous chair.

Which one you choose?

-First payment: RM10 x 20 = RM200
-Second payment: RM1+RM2+RM4+RM8+RM16+.....+RM524288= RM1 048 575 !!!

See the power of referral?

First, let see how the referral system work:

Now let assume:
- In the first month, you refer/introduce this program to your family member or your friend
- Then 4 people join the program through your own referral link
- Then each of your referral also refer 4 people under them

- 4 people under you, you got 4 level 1 referral
- Each of your level 1 referral refer to another 4 people, 4x4=16 people for level 2 referral
- Each of your level 2 referral refer to another 4 people, 16x4=64 people for level 3 referral
- Each of your level 3 referral refer to another 4 people, 64x4=256 people for level 4 referral

-let said the point conversion for that month is 0.0060$ (0.6 sen) per point.

414x0.0060$= 2.484$

With 4 referrals/downline only, you could earn 2.484$ by just read the mail and refer to your friend.

When you have 20 Level 1 referral/downline, you will automatically upgrade to Gold Member, which you will have 5$ bonus and extra Level 5 referral which you can earn 5% of their points. Remember the power of referral. Now, imagine you have 20 Level 1 referral/downline and an extra level 5 referral 5% bonus. Your group will become very huge. At that time, you just care about how much the point conversion for this month.

Many people try to refer this program to their family and friend. Yes, at the beginning, they might get few referral easily from family member and close friend. But they fail when they want to go further.

Don't give up. Use the available source you have: blog, email, forum, email signature and etc to promote your referral link.

Achieve and cash out your first payment and SHOW the people who skeptical about this program and tell them LOUD and PROUD : I get paid for read mail only.

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1 Response
  1. Shirley Says:

    hi, i join this email cash pro.. but i do not think it is an honest program. Because, when your referrals go up, your points dun go up. Some of my referrals have read the emails, and i do not get the referral points. I think the program cheats.