A simple step to follow after join Email Cash Pro

Most of the people doesn't know what to do after join Email Cash Pro. Most of the people just hope the sky will drop free money. Of course, this is absolutely imposible.

After you join Email Cash Pro, the first target is become Gold Member. Why? As a Gold member , you can enjoy 2 main benefit: a 5$ bonus and extra fifth level referral. Furthermore, your referral will refer to other people and try to become Gold Member as well. Consequently, your group will grow and expand. Your group size is directly proportional to your income.

To become a Gold Member, you must have at least 20 level 1 referrals. 20 level 1 referral sound like a lot and you have no idea who to find? Father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, aunty, friends, colleague and etc is the easiest referral we could get. As long as they have email, you can ask them to join and support you.

By follow this simple step, you could easily become Gold Member.

Wish you all the best in advance.

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