Tip to get more mail from Email Cash Pro #1

The number of email received from Email Cash Pro is important..

Because the number of email received are directly affect our earning
So, today I would like to share a tip on how to get more email

When we are registering an account in Email Cash Pro, we are required to select category of email we would like to receive base on our interest.

To maximize the potential of receive email, we should select maximum 15 category of interest.

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How does Email Cash Pro mail look like?

For new member or non-member, today I will show you all how does the email sent by Email Cash Pro look like:

1) This is my hotmail inbox. (*click the image to enlarge it*)

2) This is the email content look like. To earn the credit, you need to click the link under the "Paid Link". (*click the image to enlarge it*)

3) After your clicked the link, you will redirect to the ads. Wait for 30 seconds to earn a point. (*click the image to enlarge it*)

4) The upper frame of the ads will inform you when you exceed 30 second and earned a point. (*click the image to enlarge it*)